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Cwmbran Dental Care on DEPPA

Cwmbran Dental Care tell us about their experience using the Denplan Previser Patient Assessment tool.
Liz Chapple

New Patient Information Resource available on DEPPA

DEPPA's primary aim is to support preventive practice: identifying the at risk patient, advising them of their current disease risk and health status, and helping them to understand the steps they can take to secure their oral health going forward.
Mike Busby

DEPPA at 60,000

DEPPA at 60,000

Upgrades coming to DEPPA

We are delighted to announce that a significant upgrade will be made to DEPPA on Monday 16th November.
Mike Busby

The financial benefits of DEPPA

Over the last few months we have discussed the first three, and so finally we come to the financial benefits of DEPPA.
Mike Busby

DEPPA and Compliance

We have discussed Clinical and Communication benefits in previous months. In this edition we will focus on that subject close to all our hearts - the business of compliance in, quite probably, the most regulated dental profession in the world!
Mike Busby

Communication benefits of DEPPA

Last month we discussed ‘Clinical’ benefits, this month we will explore the support which DEPPA gives in your communication with patients.
Mike Busby

Clinical benefits of DEPPA

When we are writing or talking about the benefits of DEPPA in supporting continued practice success we tend to group those benefits into 4 (somewhat overlapping) areas