Practice Manager Forums 2017

We understand that your role as practice manager involves a wide variety of skills and has many day-to-day challenges. 

Our forums are designed to support you.  They plan to update and refresh your Simplyhealth Professionals knowledge, network with your colleagues as well as provide you with training in interactive sessions which will help you grow and develop your role.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions throughout the day to ensure you come away enthused about your role.

Prices (excluding VAT):

Number of Denplan patients registered at the practice Cost
 0 - 99   £60
 100 - 499 25% Discount £45
 500+ 50% Discount £30

For more information about the sessions on the day please click here or read below:


Practice Manager Forums 2017

Suitable for: 

Practice Managers

CPD Hours:

6 hours

Event timings:

9:30am - 4:30pm
Business and Professional Update – The Simplyhealth Professionals Team
shp-smallThe team will update you with what is new within our business as well as what is new within the world of dentistry.  Including information about our marketing campaigns, the new brand, CQC and legislation.
The 7 Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective People - Superwellness

About Superwellness

Superwellness is the leader in nutrition-centred employee wellbeing across the UK. Our aim is to help you create a culture of wellbeing your team can thrive in. Our team of wellbeing specialists and qualified nutritionists support healthy lifestyle change though seminars, practical team building sessions and catering consultancy.  Superwellness works with highly respected organisations including RBS, Warner Music, Harrods and P&O Ferries.


People are often surprised by the difference nutrition can make in physical as well as mental health. Research has shown that the negative impact of poor diet on people’s productivity can be as high as 66% (Brigham Young University).  An average company with 1000 staff could be losing as much as £126,000 a year in productivity due to obesity-related problems alone, and not accounting for other chronic illnesses (IGD). ‘Business in the community’ research showed that employees with unbalanced diets take 15% more time off work, costing employers around £17 billion a year, or 97 million lost working days.  
If you or your practice team struggle with low energy, fuzzy brain, cravings or battle to keep their weight under control and want to get back to feeling healthy and motivated, this presentation is for you.  Magdalena will inspire and motivate you with fascinating science based facts and practical steps to create a culture of wellbeing within your team of dentists, nurses, hygienists and receptionists. 
In this seminar, you will learn how much difference a few well-informed diet and lifestyle adjustments can have on you and your teams’ levels of energy, concentration, and performance levels.  Magdalena will provide you with tools and tips and explain how with simple changes you can motivate your practice team to start their journey into becoming healthier, unlock their full potential and thrive.
After the presentation there will be time for questions and an option to have a body composition consultation using bio-impedance testing.
•   Find out your weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Age, Metabolic Rate and Visceral Fat
•   Get pointers and ideas to optimise your food diary
*Not suitable for individuals with a pacemaker or for pregnant women


Magdalena Wronska, Superwellness Associate and registered Nutritional Therapist
Magdalena is a Nutritional Therapist with a special interest in the optimum nutrition and lifestyle approaches to mental health, stress and longevity.  She has over 12 years’ experience working as a Lecturer in diet, nutrition, health and business related subjects. Currently, she is a programme leader for Diploma and BSc in Nutritional Therapy courses at BCNH College of Nutrition and Health, working in collaboration with University of Greenwich and a leading tutor in Diet and Nutrition in the National Residential College for Women.  Magdalena completed MSc in Personalised Nutrition with distinction, MSc in Commodity Science and is also an NLP practitioner.
In her clinical practice Magdalena also recognises the significance of the optimum nutrition and lifestyle approaches to mental health, including anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, learning and behavioral problems and different neurological conditions. Magdalena also provides guidance and support on how to manage stress and become more resilient to life’s many pressures and challenges. 
She has an interest in genetic testing which she uses to assist her clients to discover their unique genetic profile and provide the best dietary plan to help them meet their goals of improved health and wellness. Additionally, her practice focus is in helping clients with gastro-intestinal problems and chronic conditions like auto-immune diseases, osteoporosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Motivating your team through enhanced communication – NLP School

About NLP School

NLP School teach NLP, Coaching and Transactional Analysis on our NLP Practitioner programmes and other courses in London, we are established as one of the UK’s leading NLP providers.
The Director of NLP School is Robbie Steinhouse and his  focus on coaching, NLP and the human dimension of business stems from his career creating and running businesses in recruitment, property and insurance – now run by an independent management team.
As these businesses grew, he found an ever-increasing need for more than just commercial skills, both for himself and his team, (business is ultimately about developing people). He also found a bewildering range of help and models on offer and the material that he found (by far) the most useful was NLP, especially when linked to a coaching approach. His passion for the human dimension of business led him to give up his executive role and focus entirely on coaching and training in 2002.


Understanding both our own and other peoples values, mission and identity is critical to being a successful motivator and communicator.  How do you define yourself?  Do you think of yourself mainly in terms of what you do, or the skills you have?  Or by what’s important to you and what you believe?  Or by who you are as a person?  You may define yourself in terms of your purpose, or being part of something that’s bigger and more important than you are.
In this session we will introduce an elegant, workable model to understand, in a clear and structured manner, what makes a person "tick"  The model adds a quality of precision, congruence and depth to both our communication with, and our understanding of, other people.  We will also include the background and ethos of NLP, introduce state management (we can influence and communicate better if we ourselves are aware of our own state) and a method for thinking about personal change, learning and communication which will also bring together ideas of context, congruence, levels of learning and perceptual positions.


Janet Woodjetts – Head of Resource Team, Coach and Facilitator 
First came to NLP School as a student in 2008 and very quickly became an expert in NLP and is now one of only a  very few people trained in NLP to the highest level. Janet has worked with NLP School since 2011 as the Head of our Resource Team and is also the Head Coach and facilitator on all of our public courses in London. Her retail business background and  genuinely high level motivational and communication skills are invaluable  assets to the school. A qualified Performance Coach, Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, Janet is also a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and works in a one-to-one coaching relationship as well as with teams and organisations to explore both personal and business opportunities.

Pauline Heron – Resource Team Coach and Facilitator
Also first came to NLP School as a student in 2007 and has since become a highly valued member of our Resource and Coaching Team helping our students to fully gain from the benefits of NLP.  Originally an Officer in the RAF Pauline now focuses mainly on her property development and management businesses and her charity work which currently sees her using her experience to assist local groups build orphanages in Kenya.  She has an MSC in Business Psychology and is an accredited executive coach.

Dates & locations

Event name Date Venue Region Price
Practice Manager Forum - Coventry 22nd Nov 2017 Marriott Forest of Arden, Coventry Midlands £30 - £60 Request a place
Practice Manager Forum - Crewe 29th Nov 2017 Crewe Hall, Crewe North West £30 - £60 Request a place
Practice Manager Forum - East Grinstead 6th Dec 2017 Lingfield Park, East Grinstead South East £30 - £60 Request a place