Denplan for NHS practices

Looking to offer an NHS service but develop a private patient base at the same time? Look no further.

Denplan is a monthly payment plan which allows your patients to budget for their dental care. It means that you receive a monthly income from these patients, allowing you to forecast and plan your finances more accurately and provide greater financial stability for your practice.

As a member of Denplan, you’ll also receive a wealth of additional benefits at no extra cost including;

  • Business and financial planning support
  • Marketing and PR support and consultancy
  • Online tools that provide useful information about your patients and practice
  • Dental regulation support to keep you updated on the latest industry developments and changes

A guide to protecting the future of your practice

This FMC written guide was distributed with the July 2015 edition of Dentistry magazine. It examines the range of options available for practices considering a move towards independence from the NHS and the challenges facing practice owners in the current dentistry landscape. Two of Denplan’s leading dental advisors contributed, together with other independent opinion leaders who have experience of the routes available in transitioning to private practice.

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So how else could Denplan benefit your patients and your practice?

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Get the best of both worlds

You can offer an NHS service and develop your private patient base. We'll show you how with a 'Principal only' transition.

Get the best of both worlds

We think that the best products offer a flexible approach. That’s why with Denplan, you can keep your NHS service and develop a private patient base at the same time. With our 'Principal only' transition you can:

  • Keep your NHS contract
  • Increase loyalty and regular income from private patients
  • Have more time with your patients

Good for you; good for your patients

We offer a variety of plans to suit the budgets and dental needs of your patients.

Our payment plans are flexible. Following an assessment of your patients' oral health you set the fees. We also regularly survey our dentists and patients to make sure they’re satisfied that our products are value for money:

  • Nearly three quarters of Denplan patients are satisfied or very satisfied that their dental plan provides value for money*
  • 89% of Denplan members feel Denplan’s products offer value for money for the patient**

*Source: Denplan ServiceTick Customer Research, Jan-Dec 2015. Total responses: 1,456 patients
**Source: Denplan Member Dentist Research, Jan-Dec 2015. Total responses: 720 dentists or practice managers

We can help

When you become a member of Denplan you’ll have access to a dedicated Consultant to answer any questions you may have about introducing Denplan into your NHS practice and help you with the transition. We’ll do all we can to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

But you don’t have to just take it from us:

"The whole conversion process was fantastic and our Consultant was so encouraging and motivating. On the first morning (after probably the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in my life) she called me personally to say that people were already starting to sign up online and we had over 500 new patients by the end of the first week. This was mind-blowing for me and really made me realise that I had made the right decision after all.”- Andrew Thomas, Practice Principal at Regency Dental Practice in Swanage, March 2012

"The switch to Denplan has made all the difference, rather than struggling it's made me look at my dentistry and be able to enjoy it again in a more relaxed way. With patients on payment plans running the practice is easier, confusion over appointments seems to happen less. Many patients actually found that Denplan worked out cheaper for them then NHS treatment" .”- Claire Jackman, Principal dentist at Bottisham Dental Practice in Cambridge, July 2015


Ready to find out more?

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