Simplyhealth Professionals for private practices

Denplan payment plans can help increase patient attendance and provide a guaranteed monthly income in your private practice

Switching your private fee-per-item (PFPI) patients to a Denplan payment plan can benefit your practice and help in a number of ways to increase its profitability. 

Firstly, we know that it can be hard to maintain consistent attendance from private (PFPI) patients, due to the pay-as-you-go approach. With Simplyhealth Professionals your patients pay monthly, which not only allows them to budget for their dental care, but also can help encourage more regular attendance.

Secondly, the monthly payments you receive from Denplan patients mean you can accurately forecast your finances, invest in your practice and gain greater financial stability, even if patients miss or cancel appointments. 

What else could you gain when you introduce Denplan payment plans in your private practice?

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Denplan payment plans could help increase patient attendance

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Benefits built in

dentist-payment-plan-vs-pfpiYou also benefit from all the great additional support we offer to our member dentists at no extra cost, including the following:

  • Business and financial planning support and tools
  • Marketing and PR support and consultancy
  • Online tools in your personalised dashboard
  • Dental regulation support and quality manuals to keep you up to date with industry developments

Find out more about the marketing support, business support and dental regulation support  we offer our dentists

Mind the (income) gap

Do you know how much the gaps in your appointment book are costing you? 

Consult our Mind the Gap app to calculate how much profit your practice could be saving with Simplyhealth Professionals.

Check our Mind the Gap app

Alternatively you can book an appointment with a Consultant who can give you more information about how we could help to grow or develop your private practice.

Switching your patients to Simplyhealth Professionals - we'll make it easy

When you become a member dentist we’ll give you access to a dedicated consultant who can help you with any concerns or questions you have about switching your PFPI patients to a Denplan payment plan. We aim to make the transition as simple as possible for you and your patients.

I discussed this with my Dental Business Consultant and he and the Practice Marketing team gave me fantastic support. As a result, I have recruited 102 new Denplan patients in less than a year, 20 to 25 new private patients to the practice every month and now have well-trained and highly motivated staff.”- Mahesh, member dentist

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