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If you’re considering independence from the NHS, we can give you all the help you need. Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our dentists who’ve made the transition. Look out for their full testimonials in the trade press over the next few months.

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Please note, as of February 2017, Denplan has rebranded as Simplyhealth Professionals. References made in these case studies therefore now relate to Simplyhealth Professionals, and our Denplan payment plan products. 


Don't just take our word for it.

Read about dentists who've made the transition to Simplyhealth Professionals.
Julie Richards - 'Building on tradition'

JulieWhat attracted us to Denplan was the support they offered.

It was so much more than just collecting the money; it was clear that it had been developed by a dentist for his own patients and that was important to us. It allows us to budget and our patients to plan, and we were very pleased and relieved to find that when we made both the first conversion in 1997 and then the full change in 2006, we didn’t lose nearly as many patients as we had feared. NHS provision in this area is patchy and in places very poor, and local patients are knowledgeable about that, so it wasn’t difficult to demonstrate to them that we were offering something much better privately than they could get on the NHS. Our first consultant came and sat in the waiting room to explain the Denplan principles to them, but most didn’t need to be persuaded that their care would be better. The conversion was very smooth. We’ve found that whatever help you want, Denplan will provide it. They have such a range of experts on board that they will always find someone who can help you with a problem.

For me the best part of being with Denplan is that it is like being part of a wider, supportive network.

Being a dentist can be isolated, but tonight for example, all the local Denplan dentists are going out for dinner together and it’s an opportunity to chat and compare notes. Our practice won’t be affected by the new contractual demands, but we’ve seen the red tape increase over the last decade, for example with CQC, and we are glad to be purely private. I’d advise any dentist considering a move in the light of the new contract to have trust in your patients’ loyalty. If you are a good dentist, they will stick with you, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!

- Julie Richards, Grants House Dental Care, Somerset

Peter Redfern - 'Providing quality dental care'

PeterToday the practice is entirely private, with Denplan providing the backbone of my patient base. At its height as an NHS practice, we had about 4,000 patients, but by 1996 I started to consider opting out. I started to think: ‘If I could find 1,000 patients, each paying £100 a year, that would be great’ - and Denplan came along. I liked the ethos, for me it was ideal, as I could provide treatment that was affordable for most patients. Denplan offered a comprehensive and viable service, benefiting the patient and providing the dentist with a far better working environment. It freed me up to do what I wanted clinically, as and when patients needed it.

At last I could provide quality dental care which I couldn’t do under the NHS.

The best thing for me about switching to Denplan was the pleasant surprise that my patients accepted it and saw its benefits. They didn’t think I was money-grabbing. It was never about the money - I simply wanted the freedom to practise as I had been trained to do, and not go bankrupt, something that was a very real prospect under the NHS system. I have been able to do just that.

Denplan has been great for helping me to budget and make improvements to the practice. Knowing what will be coming in every month allows you to plan, making life much less stressful. I’ve been able to use better materials and spend out on some major capital purchases. I have an intraoral camera and have been taking digital x-rays for some time - something that wouldn’t have been possible if I’d continued under the NHS.

As the new contract looms, I would advise anyone considering opting out of the NHS to take a look at what Denplan can offer.

The regular income from a properly funded capitation scheme gives you clinical freedom, the ability to budget, and I believe the professional support from Denplan is the best in the field. Looking back over a professional lifetime with Denplan, it has been entirely the right decision.

- Peter Redfern, single-handed practitioner, Bristol

Graeme Dentith - 'Smiling in Durham'

GrahameI’ve worked with Denplan since my first practice, I liked the idea of a guaranteed regular monthly income, as well as the option for patients to have a budgeted plan too. The conversion was very easy. I wanted to explain it personally to my patients, so I and my nurse discussed it with them face to face, recommended it verbally and they were happy to take my advice.

Never underestimate the loyalty of your patients.

I believe that if you look after your people – staff and patients – they will look after you. We run a very relaxed practice here, but we take our work very seriously, and people seem to like it and they have stayed with me.

Denplan has been ideal for me; it has enabled me to use better materials than I would otherwise have done, and invest in state of the art equipment, which I wouldn’t have been able to afford as an NHS dentist. Having the regular income from Denplan has allowed me to attend extended implant and restorative courses, as well as giving me the freedom to teach restorative dentistry at Newcastle University.

The support is excellent: our consultant visits us regularly, explaining about Denplan to new staff or giving us updates on new regulations, as well as organising a day of bespoke training each year. As part of the Key Client Forum we get high quality postgraduate training on key concepts, and our practice manager and receptionists are involved in the Denplan Champions programme and go to their events.

The best thing about Denplan for me is that I have control of my own practice and my own destiny.

I came into the profession to be a family dentist, and my patients have been incredibly loyal. If we provide care to our patients’ satisfaction, the practice will succeed, and no-one in some office can dictate my hours, my pay or my holidays. It is a nice way to work.

Grahame Dentith, Durham City Smiles