We asked dentists what they thought

If you could make one change to the new NHS contract what would it be?

Ten years ago, with the last NHS contract change hundreds of dentists made the move from the NHS to join us. With our extensive experience and best-in-class support services, we have been there to help thousands of dentists secure their future in uncertain times.

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If you could make one change to the new NHS contract...

"Accept that dentists are working hard, doing their best and don't set them unachievable, unreasonable targets." Judith, dentist, Kent 

"Clarity of what items of treatment are and are not available on the NHS." Mike, dentist, Lancashire 

"Give me a fair sum of money to cover my patients’ treatment and leave me alone to treat them well." Simon, dentist, West Sussex

"Put patients first." Sue, dentist, West Yorkshire

"Emphasising prevention, and also safeguarding clinical time to perform procedures to a high standard." Helen, dentist, North Yorkshire

"To allow dentists to have an input on contract changes and allow them to voice themselves through regular surveys." Sania, dentist, Dorset

"Take payments back to a fee per item & have more 'in house' mandatory random checks on patients to clinically monitor standards." Josie, dentist, Surrey 

"Pay in full for all the administrative burden and cross infection control costs imposed on the profession along with CQC costs." Philip, dentist, Staffordshire

"NHS treatment focused on a number of core treatments aimed at prevention of ongoing dental disease." Jonathan, dentist, Hertfordshire

"Get rid of the volume related targets and concentrate on quality outcomes by empowering dental professionals." Mike, dentist, Hampshire

Source: Denplan NHS Survey, February 2016. 'If you could add one line into the new NHS contract, what would it be?'


What would you change about the new NHS contract?

We asked dentists what they thought.